Saturday, July 17, 2010

Printable paper craft project

I hope you have been having some fun with the the Printable Project that I have been sending out when you create your new account over at the store. If you do not receive your link within 24 hours or need any assistance with downloading the file please contact me.

I really enjoy paper crafts especially when I can print from home, or for just a few cents per B&W page at the local copy shop. I decided after making the first set of note pads by just printing at home I would get a few hundred pages printed off at once and make a whole stack to on hand.

For the first batch I used my Zutter Bind-It-All to bind the top edge of the pages together. If you have one, you will know already how great they are. My best tips for using these would be 1.)  hold pages together with a few bulldog clips when punching  2.)  Make sure that you are punching the correct edge....I know that seems obvious but it is so easy to pick up the stack and punch the wrong end. 3.) Keep the stack of pages firmly pressed into the paper slot when punching to ensure the punched holes do not "run off" the edge.

The next batch I put together just by using a heavy duty stapler along the top edge and finished the edge with a strip of card stock folded and glued in place to cover the staples. A regular stapler is fine also, just as long as the note pads are not too thick. A glue stick work just fine, with a few bulldog clips to hold the folded card stock in place while the glue dried. A fabric strip stiffened with  iron on interfacing could also be used or black book binding tape.
 For the tags and cards I simply printed those out on heavy card using my own printer and then trimmed them to size using a paper trimmer. Glitter glue added are real touch of bling as well as the tiny stick on diamante. I then finished them off by adding a few bows and ties made from a narrow organza ribbon.

Of course you could print these on a variety of different coloured card stock or even use scrapbook papers cut to A4 size to pass through your printer. Brown paper bag type paper would look fantastic or you could even print them out on vellum use them as an overlay for card making.  I hope you have fun with these, love to see what you come up feel free to send me a photo or leave a comment here.
xxox Deb

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