Friday, September 3, 2010

Yes I'm back and the Store Checkout is open!

I can't believe another month has passed and I am no further ahead. Fortunately  Crafty Queen was only offline a day or so before being fixed and back on board. The good news is the the Store Checkout is now OPEN for business and I'm getting back on track too. I have been gathering lots of stock to clear over the coming weeks so there are going to be some incredible bargains in the store along with more stock on the shelves.

David and I have not been well for the past three months. Seems like we just kept getting one nasty cold/flu after another. When yet another round hit us a few weeks back, blood tests confirmed WHOOPING COUGH! So basically we have been confined since then, taking a massive doses of antibiotics and coughing like crazy. Some of you may remember that back in 2003 when I had the shop I got hit with a very severe case of whooping cough that saw me totally wiped out for months. Thankfully we were onto this early and have only had a fairly mild case. So if you haven't been vaccinated for whooping cough within the last 5 years you might want to think about it. If you get it bad... it's really bad!

Having been living in la la land for weeks, I almost forgot about Father's Day, so last night decided to get crafty and whip up a little gift card wallet for my dad. Time would not allow me to sew, hence I turned to designing a paper craft project that I could print out and construct with a few basic supplies.

The wallet has two little pockets, one for a pre- purchased gift card, the other for a little tag card and whatever else you like to pop in. I enclosed a photo my my dad as a baby with his dad and one of my own new Crafty Queen Business cards.  I made two copies of the printable and cut out the little tags and attached them with tiny adhesive foam squares to add dimension and also cut out the the little ticket cluster adding it to one of the pockets. I then inked some of the edges using Distress Ink, glued old paper onto the back of the photo and the tag for added interest and inked a small scrap of natural twill tape to tie at the top of the tag.

So if  you are still wondering what to give dad this Father's Day, you can download the project HERE and whip these up in no time. Happy Father's Day!  *sorry this link has now expired