Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trick or Treat?

Who doesn't like lollies? Definitely need to make some little treat bags to fill with Halloween inspired candies. I'm thinking licorice sticks, teeth, jelly beans... black & orange combo or purple and green?  Licorice Allsorts and snakes.. yes snakes would be good!

SO HERE WE GO AGAIN... Simple, spooky trick or treat bags made using another set of Halloween Labels I have designed. The printable file for you to download with the labels perfectly sized and is available by clicking here!   I used Epson 'Matte Photopaper-Heavyweight' 167g/m2 for printing out the labels.

FIRST....To make the treat packet I used  pages (size 5" X 7.25" ), torn from an old Readers Digest.   I also tore away a small strip along one of the short sides too match the long side with the torn edge. You could also use brown kraft paper, scrapbook paper or suitable gift wrap.

THEN... Fold over the long straight edge (a little less than 1cm), and run the glue stick carefully along the edge. Fold the side with the straight edge to the centre and press to adhere the lower edge. Run the glue stick along the straight edge at the centre back and fold over  the other side with the torn edge to overlap. Press to stick.

NOW... Add texture to the treat pocket by rubbing a black stamp pad over the back, front and edges for extra spookiness. Decorate the front of the pockets as desired attaching the printed labels with double sided mounting tape. For variation I cut small scraps from onion bags and adhered those first using double sided tape and finished by attaching a small  plastic creepy critter.

ENJOY!... Fill with Halloween treats for the kids... big and small!

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  1. These are fabulous Deb! We don't celebrate Halloween in the UK either, but I really enjoyed designing a spooky kit too.