Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Crafty Journal.. are you ready for December?

Oh my....only a few days until December. This week on the home front has been crazy and as of yesterday we now have a dear friend staying with us for a few weeks recuperating after having major heart surgery. Thankfully the community nurse will be making daily visits to assist with his care and have extra care organised for when he is able to return home. It has  taken me all day just to take a few photos and  prepare this next post for  My Crafty many interruptions and things to do..but that's life... and that's OK! I'm sorry for keeping you in suspenders!

I have really enjoyed working on my Christmas and December pages and keeping myself organised. For me I find that having the current month on top of the stack works best as this is the most active section of  My Crafty Journal.

To make page dividers for December I pulled papers, art and layouts from my stash. A gorgeous green scrapbook paper from American Crafts which was a little crumpled on one side, a couple of 8 inch scrapbook pages that were not so perfect, one complete with coffee cup stains; and a copy of one of my digi art journal pages. Just use what ever you have on had that appeals.

With the coffee stain trimmed away, tabs from the My Crafty Journal Christmas pack were adhered into place. It does not matter if pages are different in height, as long as they are the correct width.

The green striped paper was cut to make two narrow dividers and another digi scrap page was also used for my December Journal page divider. 

In the December pack as well as the main title page I have included another page for making a little pocket for keeping receipts from Christmas purchases, just in case exchanges are required. After mentioning that I had made this in my last post, thought I would share it with you too. Simply fold the page in half and stick the side and bottom edges together. Punch holes on the left side.

The green striped paper also came in really handy to fold over the edge the title page to hide the narrow strip of white paper along the edge of the page that was missing its print. Although I had my printer set to print to the edge, the paper did not feed perfectly resulting in an annoying  whisker of white. I love the way the mistake turned out!  ( I also used this method to 'fix' a page that I had punch on the wrong side back in November.) The receipts pocket was then trimmed with a narrow strip of the same green paper to match and  a 1inch hole punch was used to cut a  half circle at the top of the pocket for easier access.

I'm sure you will enjoy adding the next installment of pages to your My Crafty Journal and having a go at making your own page dividers from bit and pieces you have at hand.  Click here to download the December pages and please leave some love in the comments. xxox Deb

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Crafty Journal Christmas Add-on

Back to share a few more pages for 'My Crafty Journal'. Firstly however, I would encourage you to make a whole new section in your MCJ for Christmas, to keep everything together at your finger tips. I've already clipped in some recipes, gift ideas and decor inspiration and using a clear page protector pocket to keep  an assortment of ephemera that might be suitable to use in my art journals. These may end up  beings scanned later to include on my digi scrapbook pages.  I also made an envelope for the gift receipts and dockets in case I need to make any returns.

Today I'm sharing pages for 'My Crafty Journal' to assist over the festive season. Those who scrap book, stitch or craft usually  have little time to work on new projects or even keep up with existing ones during December. More often it is all about completing projects in time for the holiday festivities, like cards, gifts and home decor. No matter how limited your time is for actual crafting or journaling  it is still possible to stay on top of your memory keeping by  recording  a brief daily list of  December activities. I have designed a page for doing just that but it can also be used as a planner, photo log, etc.  Along with photos and ephemera, notes etc saved,  you will have a wonderful resource to refer to when you return to your creative pursuits.

Included also is a tab set for December, a Christmas page divider plus other useful pages to assist with your organisation and planning. The printable download is available hereIf you decide to download and use these files for your own 'My Crafty Journal', please leave some love in the comments at the end of this post.... just makes my day!

Don't forget, many of papers in my Christmas Treasures  Kit offered last weekend on the Blog Hop can be used to created  and print your own dividers, pockets and embellishments. I'm sure you have a stack of stuff in your own stash of crafty supplies that could also be used in so many ways to personalise your MCJ.  The Christmas Treasures Kit will only be available for  FREE via download for another few days so go back and grab it NOW! 

Pages for My Crafty Journal will only be available for a limited time, 
so make like to book mark my blog and add it to your favorites so as not to miss any of them.  The December pages are only a few days away.  xxox  Deb

Friday, November 19, 2010

So perfect!

Nothing I like more than a visit to the nursery. I  can spend hours looking at all the wonderful plants, gorgeous flowers and garden decor and always come away inspired. The miniature roses at the local nursery today took my breath away. I just couldn't help but take a few quick pics when no one was looking.

So delicate... so perfect!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Crafty Journal... getting started

OK.. so I know it's late in the year to be starting a new journal, but it really is a good time right now to commence setting it up, preparing for the year a head and have a little 'trial run'.

FOR THE COVER...Any  A4 ring binder type folder will be suitable for this journal. The US letter size will probably work too if you just resize the pages to 'fit' when printing. I must admit I didn't think past A4 as this is the standard here in Australia. The A4 size is 8.3 in X 11.7.  I  prefer to use a folder with the clear insertion sleeves which allow me to quickly 'dress' my journal. As your folder becomes full over the months ahead you may need to spread out into more folders, hence using this type of folder allows flexibility.  To keep it simple.... you have the front and back covers inserts supplied in first installment via download, plus the spine insert, papers and starter pages.

Trim or cut  the spine width to suit your folder. You will find by printing the covers and spine on the heavier copy paper will allow for easy insertion. To fill in the 'gap' on the front and back, cut 2 strips from  paper#1 also printed on the heavier copy paper or matte photo paper, allowing for a small under lap.

Alternatively you may like to use scrapbook paper from your own stash to create the inserts and cut out and adhere the labels supplied or create your own covers from scratch.

 Tip: A small zip type clear case the fits onto the rings in your binder is perfect for storing a few pens, glue stick, scissors etc. for daily use anywhere.

 THE CALENDAR...Again I used the heavier weight copy paper so it will stand up lots of use. Print in colour or B&W it's totally up to you. The calendar pages have been designed as a double page spread and can be inserted into protective sleeves for extra durability.  A fold out version of the calender can also be made. Simply trim 7/8ths inch from the left side of the right hand page and adhere to the left page as show above. Then fold the right page over. You can then just punch your holes on the left side to clip directly into your journal.  Joined this way,  the calendar can also be used as a wall planner for your office, home craft room, kitchen etc. Consider the calendar as your launch pad..check and update it regularly as part of your weekly routine.

* Tip:Use Post It notes in your journal as extra reminders or prompts. These can also be stored in the clear case along with your other essentials.

 JOURNAL DIVIDERS... These can be made using the My Crafty Journal Papers printed on the heavy copy paper or  heavyweight mat photo paper available from your local office supply store.

The labels and tabs provided can then be adhered to the divider page to allow for easy referencing. Commercially available dividers can also be used or you can make and decorate/art your own.  Add your own title art and tabs or use those from the print outs provided.

I hope you have fun setting up your own 'My Crafty Journal'... there is so much more I want to share with you!

I should have another batch of papers ready to go very soon so make sure you have bookmarked Crafty Queen Blog and have clicked on the link to follow.

 xxox Deb

* Note:  There were two little typos in the original download that have now  been fixed, so you may wish to download the file again. Thanks Lois for bringing those to my attention.  A printing issue that some were experiencing has also been resolved with the revised download as of this post.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Crafty here!

I just can't wait any longer.... I had been planning for some time to share this with you for the new year, however 2011 is just around the corner... a mere 6 weeks away and I think we need to start now!

I need organisation in my life and this year I have been trying out a few different systems to keep me organised, tidy and focused. As I love to journal and  keep track of my projects, tasks goals and achievements, I was looking for an easy peasy way to keep everything together, close at hand for daily access.

Well the result was SOMETHING I called  'My Crafty Journal' and I would love to start sharing it with you! Not only is it a place to journal, it's a calendar, an organiser, a chronical, a log book, a filing system, a notebook, a memory keeper, a project planner and more in one complete package.
It works for me, and I'm sure  'My Crafty Journal' can work for you too!

I know we are already well into November, but there is no better time than now to start setting up your journal and getting in the habit of utilizing it day by day.  The best news is am going to help you every step of the way!

To begin......

YOU WILL A4 size  2 or 3 ring binder, what ever you prefer. My choice is one  with clear plastic insertion pockets on the outer sides and spine and half pockets on the inside like this. Of course you can use any folder you choose and decorate accordingly or make a fabric slip cover to show off your craftyness. OR you can use the print outs I have created for you!

YOU WILL ALSO NEED... a home printer, A4 copy paper, cardstock or page dividers, plastic protector sleeves, paper trimmer or scissors, glue and anything else you can think of to make this work for you.
I like to use 190gsm Colour Copy paper ~ Yes brand is a good choice, or Epson or Cannon Matt Photo paper around 170gsm for printing the dividers, tags and calendar pages. Pages can be printed in black and white, draft or colour  whatever your preference.

THE REST IS EASY.. simply download the first first set of pages I have design to share with you and print them out!. If your printer is capable of duplex printing you may like to use that feature to print both back and front of the pages, or you can do single sided prints and use the reverse plain side for attaching notes, photos, clips or cuttings etc. It's totally up to you. All pages have been designed for punching holes on either the left or right side of the page... except for the calender. 

WHAT YOU WILL GET... practical, well designed pages for you to use daily, weekly and monthly throughout the year to create your very own 'My Crafty Journal'.  They will include pages for journaling, planning projects, tags and labels, tabs for page dividers, a monthly calendar that can also be used as a wall planner, to do lists and so much more! PLUS there will be lots of ongoing tips to help you use your journal effectively throughout the year.

WHEN WILL THIS START.. Right now! JUST CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK in pdf format for your very own 'My Crafty Journal' with November pages, inserts for the covers of your binder,  plus labels and tags to make page dividers. You will also receive a bonus 12 X 12 paper jpg file!

*88MOST IMPORTANTLY...Please leave a comment if you are grabbing the download and feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions along the way.

Over the coming days, weeks and months as we move into 2011, there will be more pages and pieces for you to collect and use in your journal.  I  truly hope that you will enjoy using your  'My Crafty Journal' as much as I do,  and book mark or follow my blog for future installments and lots of other crafty goodness!

.....I will actually be back tomorrow with ideas on how to use the pages and elements  in your first installment.
xxox Deb

Thursday, November 11, 2010

All aboard.. for the Christmas Treasures Blog Hop

.................Wow! what and event we had over the past weekend..............................

for the Christmas Treasures Blog Hop
 I will leave the links open for you to download my contributions till the end of the week just in case you missed out. So GRAB THEM NOW without further delay!

I kinda got carried away.... so there are two downloads for you... 
***Sorry the freebie links have now expired.

I would really appreciate if you could leave some love in the comments and if you so desire click on the FOLLOW BUTTON  in the right side bar to follow my Crafty Queen Blog.

I also have else to 'SOMETHING' else share with you tomorrow.. you may want to check out my post a few days back and the sneak peek! 
  It is going to be FREE, available via download and only available here on my blog. 
So before you move on, bookmark my page or follow and make a note to COME BACK TOMORROW.
Thanks so much for stopping by xxox Deb

Christmas Treasures Blog Hop Previews

Oh wow! I am so excited to share with you the previews for our Christmas Treasures Blog Hop
..and it is all happening very very soon! 
This is going to be massive.. the preview is only a glimpse of all the freebies you will be able to collect while checking out all the blogs along they way and possibly snagging a few more goodies in the process.

and just for good measure here are the details again... 

I will be back in just a few hours to share my preview and to add the link for the stop after mine and the also reveal on the new "SOMETHING" I have to been working on to share with you.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Something to share with you.....coming soon!

I have been working on SOMETHING for a few weeks now and I can't wait to share this with you.
It's something for you and me. 
Something personal.
Something that is both practical and helpful.
Something that will grow week by week, month my month.
Something that can be used by crafters, stitchers, scrapbookers and artisans. 
And something that will be available FREE via download exclusively here on my Crafty Queen Blog.

Can you guess? Sorry but I like guessing games!

Here's a little peek.....................
 Be sure to check back next weekend during the BLOG HOP... this is something I know you need......just like me!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Announcing the Jessica Spraque Art of Design Blog Hop

Becoming a Certified Digital Designer through was a HUGE accomplishment for all those who made it through and completed  the course. To CELEBRATE, over 40 newly certified digital designers are showcasing their talents with an ENORMOUS  blog hop!
Designers were given a color palette to work from and asked to create digital papers and elements to contribute to the  "CHRISTMAS TREASURES" collaboration kit. You will be so impressed by all the digital goodies  you will be collecting as you visit everyone's blogs!
The best part is these goodies are FREE!

The hop will run from November 11th-14th 

Mark this in you diary NOW and be part of the fun!

A preview of the collaboration kit is coming later this week so be sure to check back soon!


Well I can tell you it's loads of fun! Even if you are not a digital scrapbooker... paper scrappers, crafters and card makers can print out and use the papers and elements for all kinds of paper craft projects. Anytime between the dates given you can jump on board the blog train, commencing the Journey at 
Here you will be able to access the link to download the first FREE contribution and find the link to the next blog on the journey for another CHRISTMAS TREASURES FREEBIE and so on! Of course while you are blog hopping  it is the perfect opportunity to check out the designers blog  and maybe even pick up a few other goodies or products at the same time.  Also feel free to leave some love and appreciation in the comments and if you are so inspired, sign up to follow their blogs.
 With over 40 stops on the journey.. you are in for a totally AWESOME ride! 
At this stage I think I am STOP #15.