Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Crafty Journal.. are you ready for December?

Oh my....only a few days until December. This week on the home front has been crazy and as of yesterday we now have a dear friend staying with us for a few weeks recuperating after having major heart surgery. Thankfully the community nurse will be making daily visits to assist with his care and have extra care organised for when he is able to return home. It has  taken me all day just to take a few photos and  prepare this next post for  My Crafty many interruptions and things to do..but that's life... and that's OK! I'm sorry for keeping you in suspenders!

I have really enjoyed working on my Christmas and December pages and keeping myself organised. For me I find that having the current month on top of the stack works best as this is the most active section of  My Crafty Journal.

To make page dividers for December I pulled papers, art and layouts from my stash. A gorgeous green scrapbook paper from American Crafts which was a little crumpled on one side, a couple of 8 inch scrapbook pages that were not so perfect, one complete with coffee cup stains; and a copy of one of my digi art journal pages. Just use what ever you have on had that appeals.

With the coffee stain trimmed away, tabs from the My Crafty Journal Christmas pack were adhered into place. It does not matter if pages are different in height, as long as they are the correct width.

The green striped paper was cut to make two narrow dividers and another digi scrap page was also used for my December Journal page divider. 

In the December pack as well as the main title page I have included another page for making a little pocket for keeping receipts from Christmas purchases, just in case exchanges are required. After mentioning that I had made this in my last post, thought I would share it with you too. Simply fold the page in half and stick the side and bottom edges together. Punch holes on the left side.

The green striped paper also came in really handy to fold over the edge the title page to hide the narrow strip of white paper along the edge of the page that was missing its print. Although I had my printer set to print to the edge, the paper did not feed perfectly resulting in an annoying  whisker of white. I love the way the mistake turned out!  ( I also used this method to 'fix' a page that I had punch on the wrong side back in November.) The receipts pocket was then trimmed with a narrow strip of the same green paper to match and  a 1inch hole punch was used to cut a  half circle at the top of the pocket for easier access.

I'm sure you will enjoy adding the next installment of pages to your My Crafty Journal and having a go at making your own page dividers from bit and pieces you have at hand.  Click here to download the December pages and please leave some love in the comments. xxox Deb


  1. Oh happy day! Thank you for the new pages! I just printed out the Christmas ones to start playing with this weekend :)

  2. The journal looks wonderful Deb - that red paper is fabulous!

  3. thank you for so generously sharing these!

  4. Oh my! Sounds as if you've been busy - good thing you're organized! :) Thanks for sharing your pages with us.

  5. I have been waiting for this with bated breath! Woohoo! Love the pages. Thanks so much Deb!!

  6. These are brilliant, love the pages, thanks for sharing

  7. Just too cute and clever you are. So sweet too! Thanks!