Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Crafty Journal... getting started

OK.. so I know it's late in the year to be starting a new journal, but it really is a good time right now to commence setting it up, preparing for the year a head and have a little 'trial run'.

FOR THE COVER...Any  A4 ring binder type folder will be suitable for this journal. The US letter size will probably work too if you just resize the pages to 'fit' when printing. I must admit I didn't think past A4 as this is the standard here in Australia. The A4 size is 8.3 in X 11.7.  I  prefer to use a folder with the clear insertion sleeves which allow me to quickly 'dress' my journal. As your folder becomes full over the months ahead you may need to spread out into more folders, hence using this type of folder allows flexibility.  To keep it simple.... you have the front and back covers inserts supplied in first installment via download, plus the spine insert, papers and starter pages.

Trim or cut  the spine width to suit your folder. You will find by printing the covers and spine on the heavier copy paper will allow for easy insertion. To fill in the 'gap' on the front and back, cut 2 strips from  paper#1 also printed on the heavier copy paper or matte photo paper, allowing for a small under lap.

Alternatively you may like to use scrapbook paper from your own stash to create the inserts and cut out and adhere the labels supplied or create your own covers from scratch.

 Tip: A small zip type clear case the fits onto the rings in your binder is perfect for storing a few pens, glue stick, scissors etc. for daily use anywhere.

 THE CALENDAR...Again I used the heavier weight copy paper so it will stand up lots of use. Print in colour or B&W it's totally up to you. The calendar pages have been designed as a double page spread and can be inserted into protective sleeves for extra durability.  A fold out version of the calender can also be made. Simply trim 7/8ths inch from the left side of the right hand page and adhere to the left page as show above. Then fold the right page over. You can then just punch your holes on the left side to clip directly into your journal.  Joined this way,  the calendar can also be used as a wall planner for your office, home craft room, kitchen etc. Consider the calendar as your launch pad..check and update it regularly as part of your weekly routine.

* Tip:Use Post It notes in your journal as extra reminders or prompts. These can also be stored in the clear case along with your other essentials.

 JOURNAL DIVIDERS... These can be made using the My Crafty Journal Papers printed on the heavy copy paper or  heavyweight mat photo paper available from your local office supply store.

The labels and tabs provided can then be adhered to the divider page to allow for easy referencing. Commercially available dividers can also be used or you can make and decorate/art your own.  Add your own title art and tabs or use those from the print outs provided.

I hope you have fun setting up your own 'My Crafty Journal'... there is so much more I want to share with you!

I should have another batch of papers ready to go very soon so make sure you have bookmarked Crafty Queen Blog and have clicked on the link to follow.

 xxox Deb

* Note:  There were two little typos in the original download that have now  been fixed, so you may wish to download the file again. Thanks Lois for bringing those to my attention.  A printing issue that some were experiencing has also been resolved with the revised download as of this post.


  1. Very cool Debbie!! Love it.. will definitely give this a whirl for the new year!! Love all the photos for step by step instructions... you are definitely my Crafty Queen!! Love it love it love it!! XOXO Christa

    PS Thank you for the great idea and for the wonderful downloads.. this is fabulous Deb with all the journal cards etc!! Awesome!!

  2. I add my Thanks to the above, Debbie. I've re-downloaded the new revised version of your first journal kit.
    I'm moving to Australia in the coming couple of weeks, so I'll be once again in the "A4" mode. :)


  3. Wow, love the idea and the downloads. Thanks so much.

  4. again LOVE it and i follow was able to follow your blog yay me are very kind to share such a big project!