Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quick Question ~ needing your assistance ASAP

I was all set to post the new 2011 January 'My Crafty Journal' pages but came across a small conflict in numbering the weeks on the Calendar.

A. Does week one include the last few days of December 2010 as well as Jan 1 and 2
B. Is week one the first week where everyday is in the Month of January?

According to ISO 8601 we begin the first week on the Monday the 3th of January but it seems it can be either way when I check out various calendars.

What would you prefer? Option A OR B
Please leave your preference in the comments ASAP 
 so I can wrap this up and make this next set available without delay.
I also know you are keen to get this set up for the new Year.

*Just a note re the calendar set up
I know  for some the calendar week starts on a Sunday rather than Monday and this was something I considered when setting up 'My Crafty Jouranal' initially... but I simply prefer that it starts on a Monday and went with it.  For me it is the beginning of the working week and I like that Monday shows first. Secondly, I find it useful to have Saturday and Sunday together at the end of the working week as so often we do things over the weekend as Friday Saturday Sunday events. For me, it is much easier to mark this on my calendar  when the weeks are laid out this way and 'see' it as 'the weekend'. It also fits well with scrap booking my Project 365.


  1. I vote for B!
    thanks for all of your work!

  2. Week 1 starts on January 3th, that is a monday. And for me, I start my weeks on a monday too, LOL.

    Have a good new year!!

  3. Definitely a tough one however given that most of this week is December I would also go for option B.

  4. This is something I have also wondered about. I would go with Option B but unfortunately I still prefer my weeks to begin on Sunday. If you are able to give the credits for your templates I should be able to adjust mine to start on Sunday okay.

    Thanks so much