Tuesday, August 30, 2011

September *My Crafty Journal* is hot of the press!

As we head into spring, I  look back at this past month and wonder where it went. Thank goodness for 'MY CRAFTY JOURNAL' to keep me organised, and on track with a place for everything and everything in it's place. Simple little doodles and words that I had scribbled whilst on the phone where the basis for my paper set for September. As always I like to provide you with a new paper set and tags for those that are joining us or for those that like a "new look" each month.

To download this months My Crafty Journal set for your own personal use, simply click here. Have a great September!  I'll be back soon to share more of my office makeover very soon...I'm just about there.

xxox Deb

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crafty Queen Store has been wiped out!

 I'm sorry to say that ongoing issues with my CRAFTY QUEEN online STORE came to a head  earlier this week.

As I mentioned  some weeks back, the site was found to have been hacked and had become vulnerable. The issues were address quickly and the rogue files removed. In the process I had to delete some product and many of the images files.

 Everything has been fine since then, until last weekend when more issues arose, and my host informed me that the server had closed my site down and it had now been black listed. Sounds horrible doesn't it? The decision was finally  made not to reinstate the store. I will probably build a new store from scratch, however in the mean time will be clearing out a lot of stock and other bits and pieces through my Ebay Store.  More on that in another post.

I will still able to send and receive emails using my  Crafty Queen domain address...we are working to enable this now.

For my regular customers and stores that I have supplied in the past, please contact me if you wish to place an order.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

August *My Crafty Journal* is ready....despite the coughing and spluttering.

 I'm so lucky the August set for MY CRAFTY JOURNAL was almost done prior to getting so sick. I have only given this a very quick proof, so I'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed that all is OK. Any problems with the download or August page set please let me know so I can jump on it. Well, probably more of a crawl rather than jump! LOL  To grab the PDF printable download for your own personal use simply click on the preview. Have a great August! I'm back to bed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My word for this year has been ELIMINATE, and after rejoining the Art Journal Caravan  earlier this year with Tangie Baxter, I created a collage on canvas to remind me of my word. The canvas I had was not the right size...but hey... I eliminated the need to go purchase another one and went with I had. I think it kinda works.. showing the letters being squeezed or eliminated out to fit my needs. I printed out a couple of digital papers of Tangies as my starting point and then roughly hand cut  letters from the papers. After adhering they were  further painted, dabbed, and daubed to work with my own painted background.

I now just need to eliminate these cold germs so I can function again and get back to the makeover.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Painting and sunsets

The unpainted pine louver doors of the cupboards were next to get a makeover. I'm so glad my home handyman husband suggested it would be easier to remove the doors for painting, it also eliminated the drips that can gather when painting vertically on louvers.

After a light sanding and two prep coats it was time for the final top glossy layers to be applied. The little scruffy dog of course, had to be right in the middle of things under foot and kept gathering up the drop sheet to make a nest. I gave up trying to keep the sheet spread out, and needless to day the tiles and the little scruffy dog did end up with a few paint splodges along the way.

The painting of the doors took longer than expected, as the weather had deteriorated. It was freezing cold and the wind made it impossible to paint with dust flying around. By the fourth day I was determined to get those darn doors finished and worked late into the cold winters afternoon.  (By this time I had also figured out that the little scruffy dog does not like to nest in orange plastic.) Just as I was finishing up, the rays of the setting winter sun burst through the branches of the pecan tree onto the newly painted doors. Perfect timing I must say, and even better that my camera was close at hand to capture the moment.

As the sun set over the hills,  I packed away the paint and was thankful that I had finished those doors. Maybe next time, if there is ever a next time...a few cans of spray paint may be be the way to go. And maybe next time I won't stand out in the freezing cold for so long... as  I've since be struck down with a nasty cough and cold ...yet again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Next cab(inet) off the rank

Well this sad little red number has been the next cab off the rank to get a lick of paint. How bad is that red stain! I'm not sure how I acquired this little set of drawers, I just know that they have been hanging around for ever, utilized but always hidden from view.

After a good rub back the outer cabinet and drawers were ready for undercoating. I was fully expecting to see that  lipstick red bleeding into the prep coat but thankfully it didn't budge. Being that it was such a nice warm and sunny winters day... the layers of paint one by one, dried in no time at all.

Three top coats later... all done... and looking so much better.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

One item painted only another four to go!

 I'm very happy with how the shelves spruced up, although I must say I was surprised at how many coats of paint they needed. I think I will painting two layers of undercoat on the next item before applying the top glossy coats and see if that eliminates the third top coat. After painting I figured out that I can probably benefit by adding one or two more shelves to the unit for better organisation. It will possibly  be more cost  and time effective to buy  laminated white shelves rather that pine shelving (yay... no painting), so will check out out the prices at Bunnings as soon as I can.

Yes I'm still in the process of removing everything from my office for painting. There is stuff stacked everywhere! I simply love these vintage Globite filing boxes that I acquired from an old drapery store that was closing its doors after 75 years of trading. They were used to store singlets, and undershirts etc in various sizes, and were stacked neatly behind the counters. They still l have their original labels. I usually  have these stacked on top of the cupboards and use them to store all manner of things which now, like everything else need to reorganised. Over the years I have kept my eye out to purchase a few more, but sadly have never come across any. If you see any in your travels up for sale please let me know.

Ok, so next in line for painting is a small chest of draws with a very bad red stain.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Office Makeover begins

 I am so pleased to finally start on the makeover on my tiny little home office/junk/store room.  Even though I have a huge studio/cabin down the back yard detached from the house I tend to use this small space to hunker down when I am on the computer for extended periods of time, digi scrapping, designing, writing, organising/editing my photos. Yes it's very small  12 X 6.5 feet. I have a door as my desk (love the width), which fits snugly between the two side walls, overlooking the front street. There are two cupboards with shutter doors side by side on one wall plus a filing cabinet. On the other side there's  a wide bookcase and a set of draws. There are roll out tubs stowed away under the desk and a few small shelves attached to the walls.
 The first job is to empty out the cupboards and shelves so they can be painted. This is no simple task as all the 'stuff' has to go somewhere and I have so much squirreled away in there.  Therefore it has to be one item at a time, starting with the open bookshelf.  Decisions, decisions...what do I actually do with all my junk..toss, keep, or relocate to the studio? It's one of those jobs that is going to turn into a huge mess first before it gets any better. So there are now lots of boxes being filled and sorted, cluttering up the dinning room and surrounding spaces. Oh my.. what have started here?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July *My Crafty Journal* is finally ready

What a crazy few days it has been, but I'm so pleased that the latest edition of  MY CRAFTY JOURNAL is ready to go. All I need to do now is print the rest of my pages, and set up my journal for the month.. my place for everything and everything in it's place! For those are new visitors to my blog.. now is a great time create your own "My Crafty Journal" being that it is the second half of the year or for many, the beginning of the new financial year. You may like to check out these previous posts here , here and here re setting up your journal.

To download the July My Crafty Journal simply click on the preview above. Unzip the file and print out the pages you wish to use from the pdf file included in the folder for your own personal use. Embellish and add to this set as you desired to journal and keep your crafty life organised.

I'm off now to get cracking on my office makeover. I am so excited to finally get to this room.  Lots of sorting, stuff to toss or relocate to my studio, as well as lots of painting, decorating and a new floor. For such a small room this is going to be a huge job, but I am so ready and needing to do this. Have great month...

Sneak Peek at July My Crafty Journal

Just a quick sneak peak at the July My Crafty Journal set.. which I am just in the process of zipping up for you now.  Yes it's very late indeed.. but life happens and web sites get hacked.  Getting back to designing these papers was just what I needed to de-stress today and chill out. Thankfully the rest of the set was completed a few weeks back. Shouldn't be much longer...  xxox


Friday, July 1, 2011

Dealing with site issues

Just a quick update and apologies for being late with the the July edition of  My Crafty Journal.

Seems my little Crafty Queen Store has been hacked and it's causing problems for my server. It's now a race against time to resolve the vulnerabilities or it will be closed down on Monday. Yes not good and I'm feeling just a tad stressed. Many of the images and products have been removed and will be reinstated once all had been fixed if that possible?? On a positive note, the problem is not affecting my store as such in terms of customers purchasing or passing through the checkout.  It is  in the back end of the site. So please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me over the weekend.

I will be back to upload  July My Crafty Journal as soon as possible. Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just for your listening pleasure

Just had to share these clips with you that one of my scrapping friends also featured on her blog a few days ago. I saw this trio on the the ABC the other night and loved their music/video clips and was thinking about getting their CD.

I'm also a Grey's Anatomy fan and love the recent must see musical episode.Oh my, can Sara Rameriz to plays Torres sing! The rest of the cast are also amazing. So many great are just two of them from the episode.

Another favorite artist of mine is the amazing Priscilla Ahn... she is so sweet and sings like an angel.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

June *MY CRAFTY JOURNAL* is here

Yes I'm back to share the June set for MY CRAFTY JOURNAL. If you have not yet embarked up setting up your own 'My Crafty Journal' you may like to hop on board now and grab my free monthly downloads  to help chronicle, journal and organise your creative/crafty life. You may like to check these previous posts.

 I hope you like papers I designed from my B&W doodles yesterday. I love how they turned out and loved how they looked when I saw them printed out. Today I just used Yes brand colour copy paper rather than matt photo paper, just because it was already loaded into my printer ~ the colour is not as intense bit still beautiful.  I could hardly wait to print them out, attach the tabs and get my pages set up for next month. The process of doing this each month keeps me on track.
Simply click here to download  and print the June MY CRAFTY JOURNAL pages for your own personal use in creating your own 'My Crafty Journal' or other crafty goodness. Feel free to email me or leave a comment. If you are downloading, some love is always appreciated.  Have a great month!

Fun day creating next the June *MY CRAFTY JOURNAL* Set

With a rather dead Sharpie set about doing some doodles to get inspired for the next installment of My Crafty Journal for June. I had already decided to go with a blue theme for this month, but as for the paper design/style really had nothing in mind. So with pencil and pen in hand started drawing a few flowers, a couple of all over designs, a stripe and a spotty pattern.

Whilst they looked pretty rough I was quite happy to commence with these as a starting point, still not knowing where this would take me. The creative process is like that for me. Even if I have a idea simmering I find the "art" tends to take it's own course and I just go with flow.

Once scanned into Photoshop I was able to start playing... amazing how many different designs evolved, using different brushes, textures and blending modes. I then set about making  the page tabs and flower 'sticker' from part of the original drawing. Before I knew it the day had just drifted by........
With the preview created, I just have to zip in all up into one PDF and upload to the server. I will be back soon with the preview and to share the download for the June My Crafty Journal. Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011

May edition of My Crafty Journal is up!

 Not really sure how I even managed to get this finished but the May edition of My Crafty Journal is up  and ready to download. I have been down and out with a bad dose of  flu, in fact according to the lab results...haemophilllus influenzae, which I  never heard of  before. Where do these dreadful germs come from come from? I have been crook for over a month now and battling to get over it with the help of antibiotics. I'm still coughing and spluttering and feeling blah, but thankfully my voice has come back even though it continues to sounds rather husky/croaky.

April for me has hence been very quiet... a little art journaling, digi designing and last minute Easter treat boxes that I made and painted out of  necessity since my Canon printer decided to stop printing blue and yellow.  How annoying is that!  I am planning on  trying to clean the print heads later today after finding these cleaning tips online and will  keep fingers crossed that my printer will be working a treat once again.

My 'My Crafty Journal' folder had become jam packed so I recently needed to archive the months of January and February to a new folder to make more space. You will probably find that you have to do likewise. I like the fact that I can move on, yet know that EVERYTHING is TOGETHER....chronologically organised and referenced for easy access. I personally find the act of setting up each month afresh gives me a new start and motivates me to stay organised, journal and chronicle my crafty and daily pursuits.

OK so here is the preview of the May edition of  MY CRAFTY JOURNAL. Mauve is the colour... thinking Mother's Day here, not that I ever remember seeing my mother or grandmothers dress in mauve/lavender or shades of purple. Anyway, I do hope you like these mauvey grandma papers and  the pages I designed for this months edition. You can download the zipped PDF file here for your own personal use as per the terms enclosed. As always, comments are appreciated if you download my files.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope your are all having a great Easter and enjoying the long weekend.

I'll be back tomorrow with the May edition of  My Crafty Journal 
which is now  packaged up and ready to go.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Crafty Journal for April 2011

March just flew by in a blink.. can't believe it. I had so much planned for this month that did not get checked off my do to list.  The April file for My Crafty Journal is finally now ready to share with you....apologies to those who have been hanging out for it. Life sometimes just take over.

There are 15 pages included in this months PDF download which you can download here. You get 4 x A4 papers plus the April title page along with the planner, journal pages, daily planner, tags plus more.Once again when cutting out the tags I suggest you leave a 3 mm white border. Simply print out the pages you need, embellish further if so desired and add them to your 'My Crafty Journal'. Hope you  have a great month!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling green today

Definitely full into GREEN right trees, green bugs, green tomatoes, green moss, green paper, green paint. Green is not my favourite colour, but green is so often my go to colour and I must admit that I do have a passion for lime, sage and mint tonings.

1. mystery wool from a suitcase, 2. Green spirals, 3. green garden seamless pattern, 4. The Green Field, 5. Green pattern, 6. Green Study 2, 7. Bucket of green modular origami bits, 8. paper letucce, 9. Green, 10. Green Leaves, 11. feeling green, 12. Crochet Flower Bowl, 13. Green Striped Tomatos II, 14. Green tag, 15. Green glass bits 1, 16. DSCN1469, 17. Green plates, 18. misc 34, 19. Green plate coral close-up, 20. Dragonfly Teapot, 21. Green pots anyone?, 22. green pots, 23. More buttons, 24. Beads at the Rings & Things Bead Show in Seattle Center - BeadTour USA, 25. Green tiles, 26. Green sweetgum ball, 27. Green Lines, 28. Green, 29. Green!, 30. Green Shieldbug

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love learning Illustrator with Laura Coyle

For some time now I have been learning and building on my skills in Adobe Illustrator. After so many years working in Photoshop, AI was a whole new learning curve.  I have worked my way through  numerous online classes and workshops over the past few years to assist with the process and finally I feel that it is becoming second nature just like Photoshop. Like all skills, practice is the key and there is always something new to be learned and never ending possibilities to explore.

I love the process of learning. Whether it is learning a new craft....only a few more on my list to crack. Getting my head around new software and technology....Photoshop Lightroom is my latest challenge.Helping others to learn..currently guiding my little grandson to read, draw, make and create.....pure joy. Or the challenge of  laying new floating floors and working out how to make all the rooms and levels connect nightmare but getting there! LOL

So yet again I am indulging my love of learning and so very excited to be starting another course today with the fabulous graphic artist Laura Coyle over at  She is an amazing teacher and I love her fast exacting pace.She just shares so much  as well as her gorgeous smile. Psst......she also is a fabulous jazz singer. Her classes are definitely worth checking out and jam packed with so much info, live chats, step by step videos and class notes. 
Whatever you are in the process of learning... I hope it is a positive albeit rewarding journey.

My Crafty Journal for March 2011

With March only a few days away it's time for the next release for My Crafty Journal. I'm a green mode at the present time.. using green in my art journal, green on my scrapbook pages, playing with green fabric designs and enjoying eating green grapes. Hence kind of fitting that  I have gone with a green theme for March.

If you have only just discovered My Crafty Journal, you can hop on board at any time. You can purchase the complete sets of the Calendar/Planners either Monday to Sunday or Sunday to Saturday, or just gather up the Monday to Sunday sets as they are released each month along with the rest of the set.  No time like the present to get completely organised... 'a place for everything and everything in it's place'. To get started you may like to check out earlier posts and download the cover pages for 2011.

The March download pdf file includes 14 pages that you can print on card stock, matt photo paper or your favourite coated or copy paper. Print in colour or black and white, the choice is yours, and of course you can attach you own art, photos or embellishments as desired.
The green clover elements can be punched out and used as embellishments using a 1inch hole punch.

With the tabs, you will also notice (may need to pop on your glasses), that I have left a slight gap at the centre of each tab for easy folding. A bone folder can be used here for a nice crisp edge fold if you have one.

The folded tabs are easy to cut out if you first roughly cut around the shapes then fold in half. With the tab still folded, cut around the shape through both layers a few millimeters from the edge, leaving a small white border as shown above. Then simply glue the folded tab to the edge of the page divider.
(Note: If you want to use the tabs as labels,  use a fine permanent marking pen to 'fill' in the tiny gaps').

The preview here gives you a quick peek at what you will find in your My Crafty Journal download for March. Click here to download the zipped file. Comments are always welcome and appreciated. xxox

Sharing a few thoughts..... 
1.  I find that I need to have MCJ accessible at all times... not on a shelf or in a cupboard. Out of sight is out of mind... and out of reach. Usually this means MCJ folder is on my desk,  the sideboard in the kitchen, or my work bench depending on where I am 'working' during the day.

2.  I don't always journal directly onto my printed pages.. sometimes I find I need to journal when I'm not in front of  My Crafty Journal folder. So I simply attach my journaling (glue, staple etc) into place the next day. When I don't feel like hand writing I often journal in Evernote, print out the 'notes'  and attach them. Sometimes I have to fold up the page to make it fit withing the journaling space, which adds an element of privacy to my journaling which can be nice at times. Other days my journaling will just be a small hand drawn image/cartoon/ photo....whatever? I like this flexibility.. the key for me is to bring and gather everything together.

3.  Personally as I progress through the month, I like to use the back side of the divider pages for photos, doodles, quotes etc or add some art. I also find myself attaching bits and pieces collected during the month to the front of the divider pages as well ~ scraps of pretty paper, a card received from a special friend, fancy clothing tags, snippet from the newspaper etc. Yes anything goes!

Hope you are finding My Crafty Journal is working for you as you go about your busy crafty days. 
Have a great month!  I will be back with some more GREEN..soon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Watching and Waiting........

Just sharing my thoughts today in the form of an art journal page I did this morning. Very hard to think of much else today. I love art journaling in it's many forms and am so glad to be part of  Tangie Baxters Art Caravan Journey again this year for Expedition 2011.

It is going to be a long night night for many thousands of Australians as Cyclone Yasi hits north Queensland. Our fellow Australians are in our hearts and our thoughts as they endure this horrendous storm with the courage  that Queenslanders and all Australians are known for.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Crafty Journal for Feburary 2011

A little later than I had planned, but I am happy to be able to share the February pages for My Crafty Journal with you today. As a bonus I have included a few extra papers that you can print out and use as page dividers or for your crafty pursuits.

For the tabs on the page dividers I suggest that you cut out the tabs as shown above, then fold in half. You will see that there is a feint grid line exactly in the middle to make it easy for you.
 Using a sharp pair of small scissors carefully cut out the the fold tab leaving 2-3 mm the white background. The folded tabs are now ready to attach as required to you page dividers.

Page dividers can be made from any heavy weight paper (approx. 180gms) or card stock. They don't have to be A4 size as long as they are the same width as the rest of the pages it will work. I have been using a mix of scrapbook paper, photos, my own artwork, recycled packaging, manila folders or regular page dividers purchased from the local office supply store. The choice is yours. Throughout the month I find that I am also attaching bit and pieces of ephemera and embellishing or adding some art to my dividers as I tidy my desk and try to stay clutter free.
If you are into scrapbooking and memory keeping, either paper or digi you may like to check out  Paperclipping They have live shows twice a week.. The Paper Clipping Round Table and the Paper Clipping Digi Show. I enjoy listening to these shows at the end each week and find this this it the ideal time to work in  My Crafty Journal and organise myself for the week ahead. I pay bills online, check emails, visit and leave comments on friends blogs and tidy my computer files also during this time, leaving me up to date and ready for Monday.
  I would love to hear how you are using your  My Crafty Journal month by month as a place to journal, chronicle, plan your projects and organise your crafty life.  Feel free to email me here... or leave a comment.
Ooops almost forgot......Click here to download the February edition of My Crafty Journal. Hope you have a fun crafty month..... xxox.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday to Sunday My Crafty Journal Calendar set now also available

Yes!  I 'm very please to say that I have now also put together a  My Crafty Journal Calendar set for those working from Monday to Sunday like myself. I really needed to get this done in advance to add to my journal for noting the many events/appointments etc. already scheduled for the year ahead. You may find you need these in advance too, other wise you can just grab them month by month here as a freebie.

I'm off to print out the whole set now and will be back soon to share more tips and pages with you. 
Hope you are having a wonderful crafty day. xxox

Click on the Buy Now button to purchase these set via download as a printable PDF file
Purchase price $4.50
Buy Now

Friday, January 21, 2011

Grab my Blinkie for your blog

 Thanks Siri for giving me the push to create a link button for My Crafty Journal. Feel free to copy the code in the side bar to place directly in your blog for a quick link directly back here to pick up each and every installment  to create your very own 'My Crafty Journal' along with my tips and addons.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sun to Sat Calendar Set now available

In response to many requests for the Sunday to Saturday version of the My Crafty Journal monthly calendar page planners, I have rejigged the format and created a complete 2011 set especially for you.

The set contains the original front cover for this years 2011 MCJ, a 2011 calendar and monthly double page planners for January through to December.(For those using the Monday to Sunday version these will be still be offered month by month along with with my monthly journaling sets).  The Sunday to Saturday Calendar set can be purchase via download as a printable file in PDF format.

Hope your year is off to a well organised crafty start! Make, create and follow your hearts desire.
..xxox Deb

Click on the Buy Now button to purchase these set via download as a printable PDF file
Purchase price $4.50
Buy Now

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Crafty Journal... January 2011

How did you go with setting up your folder to commence your 2011 'My Crafty Journal'? Mine is ready to go and I have just finished printing out my January pages and making the dividers with the tabs.  I  have also been struggling to put a video together today to share with you .. but it just wasn't happening for have shelved it for the time being. Who needs any stress the first day of the new year? Certainly not me. LOL

 January 2011 pages can be downloaded here and also here. Note: There are 2 zipped files this time so make sure you grab them both.  I suggest you print out two copies of the tab page so that you can adhere a matching pair of tabs to the front and back of your divider pages. I'm sure you will find this helpful when flicking through your folder from the back to the front having the criteria on both sides. It definitely  make for easier referencing.
I have lots of thoughts to share re working and setting up your 'My Crafty Journal' and will have another try with video tutorials. I am also hoping to help out those of you that prefer your calendar to start on a may just be a few more days until this option is available but I'm working on it.

I hope you are having a wonderful stress free start to the New Year, chilling out doing what you enjoy most!
For those caught up in the flood disaster in Queensland, the snow and cold in Europe, the water shortage in  Ireland and  enduring other hardships and calamities thoughts are with you.

Please leave some love if you are downloading these files along with any suggestions, requests or your own tips that maybe helpful to others... xxox Deb

My Crafty Journal ~ 2011

WOW! The New Year has crept up on us already...and there are so many things I am looking foward to doing in 2011 including  sharing 'My Crafty Journal' with you throughout the year. This is a simple yet comprehensive way to journal and organise your crafty life and I hope it can work for you as well as it works for me.

There have been hundreds and hundreds of downloads since I introduced 'My Crafty Journal' back and November and I am delighted by the response. I have extra bonus pages too that will be shared along with the monthly sets... to further help and inspire you through out 2011.

 I have purchased a new folder to start the year and am setting this up a fresh for 2011. I have designed  a new set of pages for you to slip into the pockets of your journal for the 'cover' to get you started or you can apply your creative talents to make your own journal cover as you desire. I have also included a calendar for 2011 that you may like keep inside the front of your journal or you may even prefer to use it as the back cover for speedy reference. You can download them here. I will be back with the first set pages January pages for your 'My Crafty Journal' first thing tomorrow .. New Year's Day.

Until then.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!