Friday, January 28, 2011

My Crafty Journal for Feburary 2011

A little later than I had planned, but I am happy to be able to share the February pages for My Crafty Journal with you today. As a bonus I have included a few extra papers that you can print out and use as page dividers or for your crafty pursuits.

For the tabs on the page dividers I suggest that you cut out the tabs as shown above, then fold in half. You will see that there is a feint grid line exactly in the middle to make it easy for you.
 Using a sharp pair of small scissors carefully cut out the the fold tab leaving 2-3 mm the white background. The folded tabs are now ready to attach as required to you page dividers.

Page dividers can be made from any heavy weight paper (approx. 180gms) or card stock. They don't have to be A4 size as long as they are the same width as the rest of the pages it will work. I have been using a mix of scrapbook paper, photos, my own artwork, recycled packaging, manila folders or regular page dividers purchased from the local office supply store. The choice is yours. Throughout the month I find that I am also attaching bit and pieces of ephemera and embellishing or adding some art to my dividers as I tidy my desk and try to stay clutter free.
If you are into scrapbooking and memory keeping, either paper or digi you may like to check out  Paperclipping They have live shows twice a week.. The Paper Clipping Round Table and the Paper Clipping Digi Show. I enjoy listening to these shows at the end each week and find this this it the ideal time to work in  My Crafty Journal and organise myself for the week ahead. I pay bills online, check emails, visit and leave comments on friends blogs and tidy my computer files also during this time, leaving me up to date and ready for Monday.
  I would love to hear how you are using your  My Crafty Journal month by month as a place to journal, chronicle, plan your projects and organise your crafty life.  Feel free to email me here... or leave a comment.
Ooops almost forgot......Click here to download the February edition of My Crafty Journal. Hope you have a fun crafty month..... xxox.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday to Sunday My Crafty Journal Calendar set now also available

Yes!  I 'm very please to say that I have now also put together a  My Crafty Journal Calendar set for those working from Monday to Sunday like myself. I really needed to get this done in advance to add to my journal for noting the many events/appointments etc. already scheduled for the year ahead. You may find you need these in advance too, other wise you can just grab them month by month here as a freebie.

I'm off to print out the whole set now and will be back soon to share more tips and pages with you. 
Hope you are having a wonderful crafty day. xxox

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Grab my Blinkie for your blog

 Thanks Siri for giving me the push to create a link button for My Crafty Journal. Feel free to copy the code in the side bar to place directly in your blog for a quick link directly back here to pick up each and every installment  to create your very own 'My Crafty Journal' along with my tips and addons.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sun to Sat Calendar Set now available

In response to many requests for the Sunday to Saturday version of the My Crafty Journal monthly calendar page planners, I have rejigged the format and created a complete 2011 set especially for you.

The set contains the original front cover for this years 2011 MCJ, a 2011 calendar and monthly double page planners for January through to December.(For those using the Monday to Sunday version these will be still be offered month by month along with with my monthly journaling sets).  The Sunday to Saturday Calendar set can be purchase via download as a printable file in PDF format.

Hope your year is off to a well organised crafty start! Make, create and follow your hearts desire.
..xxox Deb

Click on the Buy Now button to purchase these set via download as a printable PDF file
Purchase price $4.50
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Crafty Journal... January 2011

How did you go with setting up your folder to commence your 2011 'My Crafty Journal'? Mine is ready to go and I have just finished printing out my January pages and making the dividers with the tabs.  I  have also been struggling to put a video together today to share with you .. but it just wasn't happening for have shelved it for the time being. Who needs any stress the first day of the new year? Certainly not me. LOL

 January 2011 pages can be downloaded here and also here. Note: There are 2 zipped files this time so make sure you grab them both.  I suggest you print out two copies of the tab page so that you can adhere a matching pair of tabs to the front and back of your divider pages. I'm sure you will find this helpful when flicking through your folder from the back to the front having the criteria on both sides. It definitely  make for easier referencing.
I have lots of thoughts to share re working and setting up your 'My Crafty Journal' and will have another try with video tutorials. I am also hoping to help out those of you that prefer your calendar to start on a may just be a few more days until this option is available but I'm working on it.

I hope you are having a wonderful stress free start to the New Year, chilling out doing what you enjoy most!
For those caught up in the flood disaster in Queensland, the snow and cold in Europe, the water shortage in  Ireland and  enduring other hardships and calamities thoughts are with you.

Please leave some love if you are downloading these files along with any suggestions, requests or your own tips that maybe helpful to others... xxox Deb

My Crafty Journal ~ 2011

WOW! The New Year has crept up on us already...and there are so many things I am looking foward to doing in 2011 including  sharing 'My Crafty Journal' with you throughout the year. This is a simple yet comprehensive way to journal and organise your crafty life and I hope it can work for you as well as it works for me.

There have been hundreds and hundreds of downloads since I introduced 'My Crafty Journal' back and November and I am delighted by the response. I have extra bonus pages too that will be shared along with the monthly sets... to further help and inspire you through out 2011.

 I have purchased a new folder to start the year and am setting this up a fresh for 2011. I have designed  a new set of pages for you to slip into the pockets of your journal for the 'cover' to get you started or you can apply your creative talents to make your own journal cover as you desire. I have also included a calendar for 2011 that you may like keep inside the front of your journal or you may even prefer to use it as the back cover for speedy reference. You can download them here. I will be back with the first set pages January pages for your 'My Crafty Journal' first thing tomorrow .. New Year's Day.

Until then.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!