Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling green today

Definitely full into GREEN right trees, green bugs, green tomatoes, green moss, green paper, green paint. Green is not my favourite colour, but green is so often my go to colour and I must admit that I do have a passion for lime, sage and mint tonings.

1. mystery wool from a suitcase, 2. Green spirals, 3. green garden seamless pattern, 4. The Green Field, 5. Green pattern, 6. Green Study 2, 7. Bucket of green modular origami bits, 8. paper letucce, 9. Green, 10. Green Leaves, 11. feeling green, 12. Crochet Flower Bowl, 13. Green Striped Tomatos II, 14. Green tag, 15. Green glass bits 1, 16. DSCN1469, 17. Green plates, 18. misc 34, 19. Green plate coral close-up, 20. Dragonfly Teapot, 21. Green pots anyone?, 22. green pots, 23. More buttons, 24. Beads at the Rings & Things Bead Show in Seattle Center - BeadTour USA, 25. Green tiles, 26. Green sweetgum ball, 27. Green Lines, 28. Green, 29. Green!, 30. Green Shieldbug


  1. Hey Deb.. I think I posted a photo into your comment section which shouldn't have been there (Sorry) Please delete!!! I was playing in another site while looking at yours and posted it to the wrong section op's xxx

  2. No worries Lucy.. I thought there was something amiss, it wouldn't post anyway so I didn't. Thanks for the heads up anyway. xxox

  3. Loving green too - could use a bit more of it here to hide the dusty sandy grey.