Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love learning Illustrator with Laura Coyle

For some time now I have been learning and building on my skills in Adobe Illustrator. After so many years working in Photoshop, AI was a whole new learning curve.  I have worked my way through  numerous online classes and workshops over the past few years to assist with the process and finally I feel that it is becoming second nature just like Photoshop. Like all skills, practice is the key and there is always something new to be learned and never ending possibilities to explore.

I love the process of learning. Whether it is learning a new craft....only a few more on my list to crack. Getting my head around new software and technology....Photoshop Lightroom is my latest challenge.Helping others to learn..currently guiding my little grandson to read, draw, make and create.....pure joy. Or the challenge of  laying new floating floors and working out how to make all the rooms and levels connect nightmare but getting there! LOL

So yet again I am indulging my love of learning and so very excited to be starting another course today with the fabulous graphic artist Laura Coyle over at  She is an amazing teacher and I love her fast exacting pace.She just shares so much  as well as her gorgeous smile. Psst......she also is a fabulous jazz singer. Her classes are definitely worth checking out and jam packed with so much info, live chats, step by step videos and class notes. 
Whatever you are in the process of learning... I hope it is a positive albeit rewarding journey.

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