Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Crafty Journal for March 2011

With March only a few days away it's time for the next release for My Crafty Journal. I'm a green mode at the present time.. using green in my art journal, green on my scrapbook pages, playing with green fabric designs and enjoying eating green grapes. Hence kind of fitting that  I have gone with a green theme for March.

If you have only just discovered My Crafty Journal, you can hop on board at any time. You can purchase the complete sets of the Calendar/Planners either Monday to Sunday or Sunday to Saturday, or just gather up the Monday to Sunday sets as they are released each month along with the rest of the set.  No time like the present to get completely organised... 'a place for everything and everything in it's place'. To get started you may like to check out earlier posts and download the cover pages for 2011.

The March download pdf file includes 14 pages that you can print on card stock, matt photo paper or your favourite coated or copy paper. Print in colour or black and white, the choice is yours, and of course you can attach you own art, photos or embellishments as desired.
The green clover elements can be punched out and used as embellishments using a 1inch hole punch.

With the tabs, you will also notice (may need to pop on your glasses), that I have left a slight gap at the centre of each tab for easy folding. A bone folder can be used here for a nice crisp edge fold if you have one.

The folded tabs are easy to cut out if you first roughly cut around the shapes then fold in half. With the tab still folded, cut around the shape through both layers a few millimeters from the edge, leaving a small white border as shown above. Then simply glue the folded tab to the edge of the page divider.
(Note: If you want to use the tabs as labels,  use a fine permanent marking pen to 'fill' in the tiny gaps').

The preview here gives you a quick peek at what you will find in your My Crafty Journal download for March. Click here to download the zipped file. Comments are always welcome and appreciated. xxox

Sharing a few thoughts..... 
1.  I find that I need to have MCJ accessible at all times... not on a shelf or in a cupboard. Out of sight is out of mind... and out of reach. Usually this means MCJ folder is on my desk,  the sideboard in the kitchen, or my work bench depending on where I am 'working' during the day.

2.  I don't always journal directly onto my printed pages.. sometimes I find I need to journal when I'm not in front of  My Crafty Journal folder. So I simply attach my journaling (glue, staple etc) into place the next day. When I don't feel like hand writing I often journal in Evernote, print out the 'notes'  and attach them. Sometimes I have to fold up the page to make it fit withing the journaling space, which adds an element of privacy to my journaling which can be nice at times. Other days my journaling will just be a small hand drawn image/cartoon/ photo....whatever? I like this flexibility.. the key for me is to bring and gather everything together.

3.  Personally as I progress through the month, I like to use the back side of the divider pages for photos, doodles, quotes etc or add some art. I also find myself attaching bits and pieces collected during the month to the front of the divider pages as well ~ scraps of pretty paper, a card received from a special friend, fancy clothing tags, snippet from the newspaper etc. Yes anything goes!

Hope you are finding My Crafty Journal is working for you as you go about your busy crafty days. 
Have a great month!  I will be back with some more GREEN..soon.


  1. Thank you! I like that I can add pages in between and combine different things.

  2. Just fab Deb!! Thanks so much...I really could use being organised like you are! Wanna come visit. :)

  3. Thank you! I just randomly found your blog, and am looking forward to checking out your crafty journal!