Monday, April 25, 2011

May edition of My Crafty Journal is up!

 Not really sure how I even managed to get this finished but the May edition of My Crafty Journal is up  and ready to download. I have been down and out with a bad dose of  flu, in fact according to the lab results...haemophilllus influenzae, which I  never heard of  before. Where do these dreadful germs come from come from? I have been crook for over a month now and battling to get over it with the help of antibiotics. I'm still coughing and spluttering and feeling blah, but thankfully my voice has come back even though it continues to sounds rather husky/croaky.

April for me has hence been very quiet... a little art journaling, digi designing and last minute Easter treat boxes that I made and painted out of  necessity since my Canon printer decided to stop printing blue and yellow.  How annoying is that!  I am planning on  trying to clean the print heads later today after finding these cleaning tips online and will  keep fingers crossed that my printer will be working a treat once again.

My 'My Crafty Journal' folder had become jam packed so I recently needed to archive the months of January and February to a new folder to make more space. You will probably find that you have to do likewise. I like the fact that I can move on, yet know that EVERYTHING is TOGETHER....chronologically organised and referenced for easy access. I personally find the act of setting up each month afresh gives me a new start and motivates me to stay organised, journal and chronicle my crafty and daily pursuits.

OK so here is the preview of the May edition of  MY CRAFTY JOURNAL. Mauve is the colour... thinking Mother's Day here, not that I ever remember seeing my mother or grandmothers dress in mauve/lavender or shades of purple. Anyway, I do hope you like these mauvey grandma papers and  the pages I designed for this months edition. You can download the zipped PDF file here for your own personal use as per the terms enclosed. As always, comments are appreciated if you download my files.

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  1. Thank you for another gorgeous download. Look forward to these each month.