Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun day creating next the June *MY CRAFTY JOURNAL* Set

With a rather dead Sharpie set about doing some doodles to get inspired for the next installment of My Crafty Journal for June. I had already decided to go with a blue theme for this month, but as for the paper design/style really had nothing in mind. So with pencil and pen in hand started drawing a few flowers, a couple of all over designs, a stripe and a spotty pattern.

Whilst they looked pretty rough I was quite happy to commence with these as a starting point, still not knowing where this would take me. The creative process is like that for me. Even if I have a idea simmering I find the "art" tends to take it's own course and I just go with flow.

Once scanned into Photoshop I was able to start playing... amazing how many different designs evolved, using different brushes, textures and blending modes. I then set about making  the page tabs and flower 'sticker' from part of the original drawing. Before I knew it the day had just drifted by........
With the preview created, I just have to zip in all up into one PDF and upload to the server. I will be back soon with the preview and to share the download for the June My Crafty Journal. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love this! I love the feel of your sharpie on paper doodles and what you've done with them. I'm going to just jump back in to design and sign up for the new design class. I noticed that you are not using box net now to host your downloads. Who do you use and why? I switched to a mac after my pc died right as I was moving to a new home. It had almost all of last classes files on it. Hope all is going well. Tasha