Sunday, May 29, 2011

June *MY CRAFTY JOURNAL* is here

Yes I'm back to share the June set for MY CRAFTY JOURNAL. If you have not yet embarked up setting up your own 'My Crafty Journal' you may like to hop on board now and grab my free monthly downloads  to help chronicle, journal and organise your creative/crafty life. You may like to check these previous posts.

 I hope you like papers I designed from my B&W doodles yesterday. I love how they turned out and loved how they looked when I saw them printed out. Today I just used Yes brand colour copy paper rather than matt photo paper, just because it was already loaded into my printer ~ the colour is not as intense bit still beautiful.  I could hardly wait to print them out, attach the tabs and get my pages set up for next month. The process of doing this each month keeps me on track.
Simply click here to download  and print the June MY CRAFTY JOURNAL pages for your own personal use in creating your own 'My Crafty Journal' or other crafty goodness. Feel free to email me or leave a comment. If you are downloading, some love is always appreciated.  Have a great month!


  1. Wanted to donwload your June designs, but the link is not working. Love your designs and will be back later to check again.

  2. Thanks for the heads up re the broken link. Fixed and working now.xxox

  3. Thank you!!! Downloading now.

  4. This colour speaks to me Deb... and wow those designs are beautiful. Thanks so much for creating this wonder journal each month for us. I love it xxx