Saturday, July 30, 2011

August *My Crafty Journal* is ready....despite the coughing and spluttering.

 I'm so lucky the August set for MY CRAFTY JOURNAL was almost done prior to getting so sick. I have only given this a very quick proof, so I'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed that all is OK. Any problems with the download or August page set please let me know so I can jump on it. Well, probably more of a crawl rather than jump! LOL  To grab the PDF printable download for your own personal use simply click on the preview. Have a great August! I'm back to bed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My word for this year has been ELIMINATE, and after rejoining the Art Journal Caravan  earlier this year with Tangie Baxter, I created a collage on canvas to remind me of my word. The canvas I had was not the right size...but hey... I eliminated the need to go purchase another one and went with I had. I think it kinda works.. showing the letters being squeezed or eliminated out to fit my needs. I printed out a couple of digital papers of Tangies as my starting point and then roughly hand cut  letters from the papers. After adhering they were  further painted, dabbed, and daubed to work with my own painted background.

I now just need to eliminate these cold germs so I can function again and get back to the makeover.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Painting and sunsets

The unpainted pine louver doors of the cupboards were next to get a makeover. I'm so glad my home handyman husband suggested it would be easier to remove the doors for painting, it also eliminated the drips that can gather when painting vertically on louvers.

After a light sanding and two prep coats it was time for the final top glossy layers to be applied. The little scruffy dog of course, had to be right in the middle of things under foot and kept gathering up the drop sheet to make a nest. I gave up trying to keep the sheet spread out, and needless to day the tiles and the little scruffy dog did end up with a few paint splodges along the way.

The painting of the doors took longer than expected, as the weather had deteriorated. It was freezing cold and the wind made it impossible to paint with dust flying around. By the fourth day I was determined to get those darn doors finished and worked late into the cold winters afternoon.  (By this time I had also figured out that the little scruffy dog does not like to nest in orange plastic.) Just as I was finishing up, the rays of the setting winter sun burst through the branches of the pecan tree onto the newly painted doors. Perfect timing I must say, and even better that my camera was close at hand to capture the moment.

As the sun set over the hills,  I packed away the paint and was thankful that I had finished those doors. Maybe next time, if there is ever a next time...a few cans of spray paint may be be the way to go. And maybe next time I won't stand out in the freezing cold for so long... as  I've since be struck down with a nasty cough and cold ...yet again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Next cab(inet) off the rank

Well this sad little red number has been the next cab off the rank to get a lick of paint. How bad is that red stain! I'm not sure how I acquired this little set of drawers, I just know that they have been hanging around for ever, utilized but always hidden from view.

After a good rub back the outer cabinet and drawers were ready for undercoating. I was fully expecting to see that  lipstick red bleeding into the prep coat but thankfully it didn't budge. Being that it was such a nice warm and sunny winters day... the layers of paint one by one, dried in no time at all.

Three top coats later... all done... and looking so much better.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

One item painted only another four to go!

 I'm very happy with how the shelves spruced up, although I must say I was surprised at how many coats of paint they needed. I think I will painting two layers of undercoat on the next item before applying the top glossy coats and see if that eliminates the third top coat. After painting I figured out that I can probably benefit by adding one or two more shelves to the unit for better organisation. It will possibly  be more cost  and time effective to buy  laminated white shelves rather that pine shelving (yay... no painting), so will check out out the prices at Bunnings as soon as I can.

Yes I'm still in the process of removing everything from my office for painting. There is stuff stacked everywhere! I simply love these vintage Globite filing boxes that I acquired from an old drapery store that was closing its doors after 75 years of trading. They were used to store singlets, and undershirts etc in various sizes, and were stacked neatly behind the counters. They still l have their original labels. I usually  have these stacked on top of the cupboards and use them to store all manner of things which now, like everything else need to reorganised. Over the years I have kept my eye out to purchase a few more, but sadly have never come across any. If you see any in your travels up for sale please let me know.

Ok, so next in line for painting is a small chest of draws with a very bad red stain.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Office Makeover begins

 I am so pleased to finally start on the makeover on my tiny little home office/junk/store room.  Even though I have a huge studio/cabin down the back yard detached from the house I tend to use this small space to hunker down when I am on the computer for extended periods of time, digi scrapping, designing, writing, organising/editing my photos. Yes it's very small  12 X 6.5 feet. I have a door as my desk (love the width), which fits snugly between the two side walls, overlooking the front street. There are two cupboards with shutter doors side by side on one wall plus a filing cabinet. On the other side there's  a wide bookcase and a set of draws. There are roll out tubs stowed away under the desk and a few small shelves attached to the walls.
 The first job is to empty out the cupboards and shelves so they can be painted. This is no simple task as all the 'stuff' has to go somewhere and I have so much squirreled away in there.  Therefore it has to be one item at a time, starting with the open bookshelf.  Decisions, decisions...what do I actually do with all my junk..toss, keep, or relocate to the studio? It's one of those jobs that is going to turn into a huge mess first before it gets any better. So there are now lots of boxes being filled and sorted, cluttering up the dinning room and surrounding spaces. Oh my.. what have started here?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July *My Crafty Journal* is finally ready

What a crazy few days it has been, but I'm so pleased that the latest edition of  MY CRAFTY JOURNAL is ready to go. All I need to do now is print the rest of my pages, and set up my journal for the month.. my place for everything and everything in it's place! For those are new visitors to my blog.. now is a great time create your own "My Crafty Journal" being that it is the second half of the year or for many, the beginning of the new financial year. You may like to check out these previous posts here , here and here re setting up your journal.

To download the July My Crafty Journal simply click on the preview above. Unzip the file and print out the pages you wish to use from the pdf file included in the folder for your own personal use. Embellish and add to this set as you desired to journal and keep your crafty life organised.

I'm off now to get cracking on my office makeover. I am so excited to finally get to this room.  Lots of sorting, stuff to toss or relocate to my studio, as well as lots of painting, decorating and a new floor. For such a small room this is going to be a huge job, but I am so ready and needing to do this. Have great month...

Sneak Peek at July My Crafty Journal

Just a quick sneak peak at the July My Crafty Journal set.. which I am just in the process of zipping up for you now.  Yes it's very late indeed.. but life happens and web sites get hacked.  Getting back to designing these papers was just what I needed to de-stress today and chill out. Thankfully the rest of the set was completed a few weeks back. Shouldn't be much longer...  xxox


Friday, July 1, 2011

Dealing with site issues

Just a quick update and apologies for being late with the the July edition of  My Crafty Journal.

Seems my little Crafty Queen Store has been hacked and it's causing problems for my server. It's now a race against time to resolve the vulnerabilities or it will be closed down on Monday. Yes not good and I'm feeling just a tad stressed. Many of the images and products have been removed and will be reinstated once all had been fixed if that possible?? On a positive note, the problem is not affecting my store as such in terms of customers purchasing or passing through the checkout.  It is  in the back end of the site. So please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me over the weekend.

I will be back to upload  July My Crafty Journal as soon as possible. Enjoy your weekend!