Saturday, July 30, 2011

August *My Crafty Journal* is ready....despite the coughing and spluttering.

 I'm so lucky the August set for MY CRAFTY JOURNAL was almost done prior to getting so sick. I have only given this a very quick proof, so I'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed that all is OK. Any problems with the download or August page set please let me know so I can jump on it. Well, probably more of a crawl rather than jump! LOL  To grab the PDF printable download for your own personal use simply click on the preview. Have a great August! I'm back to bed.


  1. Hey there. I love all the painting you are doing. It blows me away what a difference it made! Kudos to you girl - it appears all your hard work was worth it. You inspired me to go take a look at my office and see what I can paint! LOL

    Also, L.O.V.E. your eliminate canvas!

  2. Hi Kelli, I'm surprised too at the difference, and I just love the white. I can't wait to get everything back into my shiny new room and organised. Just need to rid myself of this horrible bout of flu which has had a grip of me for more than 3 weeks now.

    Have fun painting! Love to see some pics.