Saturday, July 23, 2011

Painting and sunsets

The unpainted pine louver doors of the cupboards were next to get a makeover. I'm so glad my home handyman husband suggested it would be easier to remove the doors for painting, it also eliminated the drips that can gather when painting vertically on louvers.

After a light sanding and two prep coats it was time for the final top glossy layers to be applied. The little scruffy dog of course, had to be right in the middle of things under foot and kept gathering up the drop sheet to make a nest. I gave up trying to keep the sheet spread out, and needless to day the tiles and the little scruffy dog did end up with a few paint splodges along the way.

The painting of the doors took longer than expected, as the weather had deteriorated. It was freezing cold and the wind made it impossible to paint with dust flying around. By the fourth day I was determined to get those darn doors finished and worked late into the cold winters afternoon.  (By this time I had also figured out that the little scruffy dog does not like to nest in orange plastic.) Just as I was finishing up, the rays of the setting winter sun burst through the branches of the pecan tree onto the newly painted doors. Perfect timing I must say, and even better that my camera was close at hand to capture the moment.

As the sun set over the hills,  I packed away the paint and was thankful that I had finished those doors. Maybe next time, if there is ever a next time...a few cans of spray paint may be be the way to go. And maybe next time I won't stand out in the freezing cold for so long... as  I've since be struck down with a nasty cough and cold ...yet again.

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