Friday, July 8, 2011

Office Makeover begins

 I am so pleased to finally start on the makeover on my tiny little home office/junk/store room.  Even though I have a huge studio/cabin down the back yard detached from the house I tend to use this small space to hunker down when I am on the computer for extended periods of time, digi scrapping, designing, writing, organising/editing my photos. Yes it's very small  12 X 6.5 feet. I have a door as my desk (love the width), which fits snugly between the two side walls, overlooking the front street. There are two cupboards with shutter doors side by side on one wall plus a filing cabinet. On the other side there's  a wide bookcase and a set of draws. There are roll out tubs stowed away under the desk and a few small shelves attached to the walls.
 The first job is to empty out the cupboards and shelves so they can be painted. This is no simple task as all the 'stuff' has to go somewhere and I have so much squirreled away in there.  Therefore it has to be one item at a time, starting with the open bookshelf.  Decisions, decisions...what do I actually do with all my junk..toss, keep, or relocate to the studio? It's one of those jobs that is going to turn into a huge mess first before it gets any better. So there are now lots of boxes being filled and sorted, cluttering up the dinning room and surrounding spaces. Oh my.. what have started here?

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  1. I'll watch yours as a prepare (get up the courage) to do mine. Best of luck!