Thursday, February 9, 2012

Making art

I have really been enjoying getting back to my art....drawing, painting and playing with mixed media.  Colour, texture, design, pretty pencils, painty mess, glue, scissors, stamps and's all so good. It's just for me...and I like that. Hope you like this little video clip  and song about making art.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I’m Back

Page from one of my Art Journals inspired by Donna Downey's Inspiration Wendnesday

After months of having no computer I’m back and still busy trying to reinstall and restore/recover everything.Thankfully my data was well backed up to external hard drives, DVD’s and Carbonite… its just going to take a while thats all.

My computer sadly got fried in an electrical storm way had back in September, and as it had to go through my insurance to be replaced, it took weeks and weeks for my claim to go through. Totally burned me out too in the process.  My computer had originally been custom built, hence it  had to be built from scratch adding to the prolonged delay.

But I’m doing the happy dance now and trying to get my head around Windows 7, stepping up from XP. Some of my software was no longer compatible so have been sorting that out too. I am so sorry that the remaining editions for the 2011 *MY CRAFTY JOURNAL did not get released... just impossible under the circumstances.  'My Crafty Journal' will back ... but for the time being I just need to focus on getting back on track.

Simply looking foward now to a very creative and crafty 2012