I've started restocking the new store with crafty goodness. The checkout will be opened very soon for purchasing. You can still view much of our stock over at Quilters if you are needing something just let me know via the CONTACT US page over there, and I will get back to you re your order.

In the mean time,in invite you to head over to the new store and create an account so we don't loose your details when we finally close down the old store.

By doing this you will also be able to subscribe to receive our newsletters from time to time via email if you so desire. I will also be sending all those who create a new account at a quick crafty printable project via email to welcome and thank for your continued support.

I have lots of exciting things planned going forward for Crafty Queen Online Store and the  Crafty Queen Blog....  it will be fun and I looking forward to the challenge and journey ahead.